Jaden Yang Walker

Multidisciplinary designer who is passionate about brand identity, packaging, editorial design, web design, and illustration.

Capstone Project

This zine is a part of a series that touches upon relevant history, media and experiences of different groups of people within the U.S. ‘Breaking the Narrative’ articultes the importance of breaking certain stereotypes through the historical context of why certain social biases exist and the fallacies within them. This volume touches upon the East Asian experience (specifically Chinese heritaage) within the United States through how immagrants came to the country, the laws and policies against them, and how racial and political biases determined how they would be represented through the media. As the U.S. changes policies and the people aim to improve equality we see advancement in how minrotiy groups are represented and treated. ‘Breaking the Narrative’ highlights the powerful parts of history and aims to continue postive representation for all.